Friday, February 11, 2011

NEW kit~"Hoppy"ness

Hi guys~
Hope you're off to an awesome weekend. I myself... can't wait until tomorrow. It's been a long week with lots of drama.. or maybe it's just normal everyday Mom stuff... anyhow, tomorrow I'm going out with the girls.. going to celebrate my birthday! I'm so gonna try to relax and even though I tried to cancel to stay home with the arm was twisted and I'm starting to get happy! woohoo! hey you know what else makes me happy?

have you seen Scrapshana's new kit?
"Hoppy"ness is the cutest!
seriously, I see Valentine's Day, love, spring, summer, boy, girl-
Omgosh~to fun!

"hoppy"ness Alpha

and a lil "Hoppy"ness LOs.

thanks for stopping by
and as always, happy scrappin~


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  1. Hooo, happy birthday girl!! Hope you are having/had fun on your girl's night out!! Mwah!