Thursday, March 10, 2011

LO share!

Alright, prepare yourself for a real original line here. :D but......

Holy Scrap is it March 10th already? I mean really?...why's everything goin so fast?
I don't want to get older.
I don't want my baby to grow so fast.
Guess the saying is right. Time flies when you're having fun!
Our lil family is far from perfect, but we know how to have a good time!

As you can see by the LO I created for the Scrapable Desktop Challenge. We celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Alright maybe it's only my husband who celebrates..we just come along for the ride.
Check out the picture... it'd be perfect if the hubby's face wasn't so wind burnt. He spent most of the day on the ice, fishing. I did not come along for the ride on that. Sitting on ice in the wind hoping a fish is below me... ah, thank you! I know I've got some scrappin to do! lol
so anyways, I wanted to share some LOs with you... I'm very lucky to be on so many great CTs. It's truly an honor to play and promote these wonderful designers. Saying all that, here's a peek at some of the recent goodies I get to play with for the Scrapable CT.

The first I'll share is my St. Patty's day desk top.
created with Miss Mis Designs, Maybe it's luck kit.
March calendar is from Penny's, Capture 365 March Lucky Elements
and the template is from Aprilisa Designs, available in the Off the beaten Path Scrapable BAK(Build a kit).

Here's another fun LO. Feb. for us it's still winter time and The lake always has a Polar Plunge. Everyone dresses in costumes and jumps in a hole cut in the ice... brrrr! Lots of money is raised for Special Olympics and it's lots of fun. BTW...I only watch. again only the guys do this! I view from the side lines.. I mean someone has to take the pictures right?
This LO was created with Submerged by Dream Big Designs [ link ]
The Basic's Templates also by Dream Big Designs [ link ]
and I also used a Alphy from Aimee Harrison Design Studios Hero of the day kit [ link ]

The kit was filled with sea creatures..but I thought 2 of them were perfect for my Polar Plunge page. Jary, my husband was dressed as a Lobster and DJ was a Jelly Fish!

thanks for stopping by...I'll be back with more goodies soon, very soon. But I think I'll do a lil surfin before I hit the sheets.

Thanks so much for stopping by,
Happy Scrappin to ya~


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  1. Love the costumes!! And the layout of course!
    I'm with you though, ice fishing is not my thing, and jumping in is downright crazy (but if it's for a good cause, I applaud the madness) ;)