Friday, September 2, 2011


Happy Friday Digi Friends.
I sit here typing and it's 4:44am...yes AM! and my kid DJ is sitting wide a way.  Dad wakes up at 3:30 for work...normally, DJ, the dog and myself are fast a sleep...but this morning was different. Wind, thunder and lightning had DJ up and apparently I was dragged outta bed to take a picture of the guys drinking flavored coffee.....mind you, DJ just turned 8 and needless to say shouldn't be drinking coffee..especially at this hour... it was in his baby mug but still, I was hoping to jump back in bed..instead...sir talk a well...talkin a lot!
So I'm gonna share a quick LO with ya before trying to get back in bed...wish me luck there ;)

The LO is created with all Aprilisa Design Products.
The kit is called Precious and the Template is Picture Perfect #9
aww, Look how cute DJ was. Totally makes me he had the longest lil lashes and strawberry blond hair.  Seriously, He has had every color hair.  Hasn't changed to much in the last few years..but when he was lil omgosh, always changing and so cute. :)

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Friday to ya and have a great weekend too.


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