Monday, February 9, 2009

"what are you doing? you got soap in my mouth and nose"

Oh my gosh~ my sweet lil' boy who is only 5 was swearing like a "drunken sailor" yesterday. I have no idea what come over him but he just kept it up. and...since he likes to be spanked (I know~weird) I resorted to soap in the mouth. Boy he was mad! I warned him to stop talking dirty and obviously he didn't. Mommy was mad and I ment business.
First time ever and hopefully last.

After the washing was done and tears were falling I really wanted to grab my camera so I could take a picture. I didn't though. Normally if DJ does something new or something he even thinks his cute or cool he'll ask me to take a picture to scrap. But not this time~ it wasn't the time for pictures.

Well that's enough for now...I've got work to do. I received my first assignments for Scrapable. I got two Cute kits, more about that later!

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  1. Oh...been there done that! And, it only happened once!