Friday, February 13, 2009

just venting

nothing major to say but a bunch of rambling. So get ready, I feel a bunch of wind or should I say hot air ready to come.

hopefully I won't swear. here go's.

Poor me..I don't have a life. Valentines is here and then my birthday. Will I get to do anything? Noooooo.

I asked my mother a week ago to watch DJ on Valentines night. "We'll see" is the answer I got.

Ok, let me catch you up on the details. Mom missed the first 3 yrs. of DJ's life and before that 14 yrs of mine. We'll she has moved back to MI. She's very bored and lonely I understand. Very short on money too. She recently got her babysitting job back.....with my brothers ex-wife's family. I'm happy she can help them out..I've always like the ex and her new husband and new kids are very nice too. Here's where I get lil touchie.. Those kids call her grandma...don't really care I guess. But she always compares my kid with them..I don't like all! Those kids are lil' angels who can do no wrong, oh and so smart...and my kid is a lil' brat, the devils spawn...(well he does have alittle of grandma in him..hehe)

Ok, well my mom went to one of the kids B-day party last week and was invited or invited herself to go with the ex's mother, to a single's dance. Now these two mother's can't be any more different. But whatever.

So the next day I asked mom if she had fun at the dance. "It was all right, alot of older people." Which I said, well mom your getting older too.-she made it sound lame and spoke no more of details or anything. So when I called the next day about babysitting on Friday nite...I hear "oh...well I kind of wanted to go to the Valentine's Single Dance"..which I replied I thought you didn't have fun. "well I told the old guy I was 'cutting a rug' with I might come." Again, whatever..then later when we talked the idea of only going to the dance for a couple hours was brought up. "I said, don't worry about it. I don't want you to go to the dance and then a couple hours later have to leave when your having fun." "Well, we'll see", she said again. "I'll call you tomorrow". Tomorrow comes and guess what? She's babysitting the other kids that night! I said, "well your no help to me at all", with a little attitude. "I'm only watching them until 8 then I'm going to the dance". Great, still no help.

Ok so we'll go out on Friday/tonight for dinner instead...hey won't be as busy that way.

guess not!!!

She's going out with the same people tonight....after she babysits the other kids! what the $#%@ that B*%$#!!!!

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