Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blog Newbie!

For now I'll just write to myself...

I'm totally new at this bloggging thing. I have lots to figure out. I really don't understand why I can't figure the background and header out. I tried for hours yesterday, pretty much thought I'd scrap the blog idea...but thinking about it now. I can't quit! I must figure it out. Not sure why but I can't. So this morning I thought I'd start a post, add a blinkie or two. Go from there. so good luck amy!

I don't really have a need for a blog. I really don't have anything special to say or to say it too. Far as posting pictures or layouts I've posted layouts on my myfamily site for the family to view. Which worked out pretty good. The reason to start a blog is because I'm ready to embark a new adventure.

That's right a new adventure. I should be getting a job or do more housework but that's not the adventure. Some how I've been invited to be a CT member. That's right I'm a CTgirl~CT means creative team. I've been asked to join a digi scrapping site. I don't know how but I think its totally cool! If only I could make money! anyway....

Jeanye the owner of Scrapable-a digital scrapbook store, some how found me and asked me to be a part of the team. Now a lot of this digi girls know but family and friends may not. Being part of the CT, I will get free kits from the store and then I design LO's-layouts for the designer's to show off their kits. Pretty cool, free kits to do what I love to do. I'm not familiar with Scrapable yet but I'm sure they have awesome designers. I've chatted with a few of the CT girls, very nice. I'm sure I'll learn a lot while having lots of fun!

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