Thursday, October 6, 2011

LDrag Design News

and today I'd like to share a lil LDrag news with you!

  Lina/LDrag Designs is a Feature Designer this month at MeSoScrappy.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading her interview and I'm sure you will too...and when you get to the bottom of the article, you'll notice a $10 coupon for her store is up for grabs.
Head on over for your chance to win it.
Winner will be announced tomorrow

Then after that be sure you're signed up for her Newsletter. Tomorrow You'll get a 20% off coupon...use that along with the 20% off discount she always offers on New Releases and you'll get her new kit at a whopping 40% off!

But before you do all that...just look at this Fabulous Sneak Peek!
Thanks for looking and good luck to ya!


  1. Hey girl!!
    Just saying hi. I haven't see you around Scrapable much. I"m doing well, though busier than I'd like, I need more scrapping time ;)
    How are you?

  2. Hey,

    I just read your post on my blog, thanks for stopping by!
    I SOOOO understand your feelings. I know you were there from the start and I thought it was really rude when they demanded that CT members be exclusive. I thought of you then, thinking "they have people that already on and have other teams...".
    And I know what you mean about outgrowing the designers. There are a lot where I don't feel the standard is as good as it was.
    Let me know what stores you play at, I'm on 4 CTs and I should try to play at their stores and forums, so if there's one where I can play with you, I'd love that ;)
    Have a good week-end!